financial coaching advice tailored for Nurses, IT
Professionals, Sales Managers & Engineers

Would you value dealing with Wealth Experts who you can trust and will help you improve and achieve your financial goals?

How much better would it be if you could deal with financial planners who are also specialists in dealing with clients just like you!

At Advice Hub, we specialise in helping managers, accountants, engineers and IT professionals to maximise their financial potential and implement tax planning strategies to pay less tax.

Because we are specialists in your profession we get you and we know what specific requirements you need.  Including giving you expert analysis on your options, a personal wealth plan on what is best for you to implement and making sure that our expert advice improves your financial position (the best thing is we operate on affordable fee for service so we don’t accept any investment commissions).

We know that you are a high achiever and as such can be time poor, so when it comes time to implementing your improvements we will take care of the paperwork.


    If you are also looking to do any of the following we can also make sure we help you make the smartest financial decision:

    • You may be considering salary packaging or leasing a car and are not sure if it is worth it
    • You have a great income but often find that your cash flow is a problem.
    • Checking to see if there is a better way of doing things

    If this sounds like you, the first thing we’ll do is develop strategies designed to put you in a much more stable financial position and help you stay in control of your finances.

    We have flat fee packages and unlike some financial planners we do not charge a percentage of the assets you have. Again, our mission is to create lifelong raving fans which means making sure you are getting lots of value from being one of our tribe members.

    To learn more contact us or click here to book your complimentary financial kickstart session.