We believe in going the extra mile in providing you with the financial planning that will see you succeed and reach Absolute Financial Freedom.  Starting your journey is easy, it all begins with a financial kickstart session.

Initial Complimentary Meeting

When you call us, we’ll set up a first meeting with you.  You will find our sessions inspiring and motivating:

  • Identifying the important places you want your financial journey to take you or your Financial Musts.  We want you to have Powerful Milestones and Action Plans that are Absolute Musts and reward systems that move you to make the improvements and keep you there.
  • Help you get clear on how well your ‘WealthEngine’ is running – We need you to know the facts, the good, bad and the areas that require urgent attention.  Ultimately these are the areas we will look to maximise.
  • You will understand what is possible for you to achieve if you are on track.  Such as having financial freedom, having no worries about money or setting your kids up.
  • We will then provide you expert education so you can understand smarter investment options, better ways to manage your money, risk protection, tax planning and let you choose what advice menu you want us to deliver.

    Action & Advice Sessions

    Ok, here are when things get exciting, once you are happy to engage us we start by developing your personal financial roadmap.  We will provide you with a financial plan that is designed around your unique circumstances.  Your roadmap will show you exactly what is the best financial course of action open to you.

    • We then kick things off with a 90-day action plan.
    • We implement only what you want implemented and ensure that you completely understand and approve the steps we’ve proposed.
    • We’ll also help take care of the paperwork, implementation and keep you up to date on the progress.
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    Keeping You on Track

    This is the most important part for us.  Taking on the roadmap and letting us come on board means you benefit from the following:

    • With our ongoing memberships, we provide clients with tools and education so you can stay on track including a live dashboard.
    • The dashboard provides you with a helicopter view of how each of your wealth engine cylinders are tracking and most importantly the progress you are making to your most important outcomes.
    • We put a heavy focus on helping you stay on track and abreast of investment market and legislative changes.
    • Ongoing coaching from a dedicated senior wealth expert.
    • When you are off track being in contact to put in place action items to get you back on course or improve things.
    • Face to face meetings.