Would You Like to Live a Life Where You Are Free?

Wish you could get out of debts and have more residual income but don’t know where to start, we can help you with that!

We are here to tell you that you have options and you don’t have to keep living a life where your debts or spending habits are holding you back or stopping you from living the life you want and ultimately making true progress towards a better financial future.

There are mays ways you can improve and in many cases, make massive progress towards achieving financial freedom.

    Who needs the help

    Do you feel that you are working hard but not getting anywhere?

    Would like direction and guidance on your best course of action?

    Well you are not alone!  Some of our existing tribe members have been where you are.

    • You might be asking yourself what is the best course of action?  How can I be sure I have chosen someone to get me there and explain things simply.
      • When we start with a new member we aim to put you in a better financial position and keep things at your pace so you can understand them and be in position to start mastering your finances.  After all we are here to build life long raving fans not short term relationships.
    • I really want to get ahead and be able to stop work before 65?  I need direction on how I can achieve this and what’s possible.
      • We can show you what is possible and help you puts steps in place that will maximise your potential for achieving it.  We also teach our members that greatness begins with a defining moment of knowing exactly the result you are after and a decision to taking the first step today not next month or next week.  The longer you delay the harder it’s going to be to achieve it and before you realise it will be too late.
      • After all you can’t win a marathon if you only start training a month out from the event you know you have to start now.
    • I didn’t know that our “Plan B – your protection plan” wasn’t sorted.
      • Getting the basics right like emergency buffers, Wills, Enduring Powers of Guardianships for the kids or protecting your assets and income are so important when you want to get ahead.
    • You have tried budgeting only to end up with more debt years later.
      • Have ever heard yourself saying “I was doing really well-saving money but then I spent it all on my car, Christmas or my holiday”?

    The way some people do budgeting and savings plan can be a bit like shake diets where you lose weight quickly but later on put the weight back on.

    If you are wanting to make a transformational progress towards financial freedom, then keep reading?

    We don’t teach budgeting or savings plans because they don’t work!  Let’s be honest

    Who here takes an excel spreadsheet with them when they go shopping?

    And how easy is it to confuse saving money for a car, holiday or TV with getting ahead?  Pushing yourself to the limit to save as much as you can and then blowing it all.

    It’s like reving your wealth engine to the red. You can do it but only for short bursts if you keep doing it you blow your engine.

    Sound familiar!

    We coach our members to build financial freedom systems and have reward posts so they can stick to achieving their ultimate outcomes.

    Can you relate to any of these?  If you can we want to tell you that you have options to improve your life and financial position.  Find out in your financial kickstart session how we can help.

    How we help

    We make it our business to help our clients achieve their financial freedom, but we don’t just take over and make them passive spectators.

    We are going to be your coach mentor and expert adviser and this means putting you in a position where you want to step up your game and commit to never again letting go of your financial position.  We want you to be excited about the improvements that you will be making.

    Every client who has ever made use of our services started out with a Financial Kickstart Session, during which our seasoned financial experts met them in person and immediately began the first steps towards planning their personal roadmap and action plans.

    The second, but just as important objective of the Financial Kickstart Session is to begin educating our clients in ways that they can implement and grow their finances.  While we remain constantly in touch to ensure we are able to help and offer guidance as needed.

    Click here to find out more about our FREE Financial Kickstart Session and begin your journey towards financial freedom today.