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Are you looking to maximise your wealth and start making smarter decisions with your money?

We can help put you in a significantly better financial position, find out how we can help you.  We are Wealth Experts and provide our clients with wealth improvement solutions, advice and maximum ongoing support so you can kick butt and stay on track.

We have a financial advice office in the Gold Coast located in Robina.  We also have a serviced office in Brisbane located in sunny Springwood.

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    To do this we help you

    Understand the improvement potential you have and then help you set specific financial results that you want to aim for and not goals you feel pushed to achieve.

    Understand in simple terms the opportunities you have now to start maximising your position.  Learn how to get the best out of your super, how to improve your income producing assets and tax planning.

    Help you to understand the basics (such as budgeting, debt consolidating etc) and advanced wealth enhancement strategies.

    Provide regular support, coaching and advice to ensure your performance stays on track.


    How we get your finances back on track

    First, we kickstart you off with a 90-day results driven action plan.  This is complemented with a financial roadmap so you know the best financial decisions to implement.

    Then, we check that your basics are in place. If they’re not, we help make sure that you get these sorted out.  We do this by:

    • Creating automated systems that will help you to control your spending.  If required get you in contact with lending specialists to consolidate loans or if you are paying too much interest on your debts get it fixed so don’t lose more money to them.
    • Provide you with live dashboards that keep you informed and on track.
    • Have you got valid wills and/or power of guardianship for your kids? – if not we will help you get a ‘Plan B’ sorted – including having financial buffers, wills, personal insurances etc.

    When the basics are in place, we begin maximising the opportunities you have in your wealth engine.

    Creating a robust wealth engine is crucial if you want to build financial independence the last thing you want to be doing is building an engine that runs on one cylinder or has cylinders that are making you go backwards.

    We want you to break this mould and help you to unlock the financial opportunities that will create a solid wealth engine and put you in the best position possible.


    We help you create a solid wealth engine using

    Open investment approach, that is focused on helping you achieve your goals and on investment strategies that are best for you.

    We don’t recommend investments that pay commissions, or our own set of managed funds. This means that –

    • We recommend investments that are aimed at putting you in the best position.
    • We keep fees low.
    • We definitely don’t recommend get rich quick schemes.  Our recommendations are based on best practice strategies and investments tailored for your financial situation.
    • There’s a good reason why paying high investment fees for active fund managers isn’t always the best idea.

    With the wealth engine purring away nicely, we look at your current financial performance and make sure you have a clear direction to follow.


    • This means we go much further to help you pay less tax and put more towards your financial future and retirement savings.
    • Contact us now to start your Free Financial Kickstart Session and see how we can help get your position back on track and significantly improve your potential.