workplace money education workshops

There is no secret that happy employees can improve a business’s bottom line.

In fact Danna Beal, workplace consultant and author of The Extraordinary Workplace: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion, states that “When a company ignores the hearts and souls of its employees, it can be likened to shooting a hole in the gas tank and then asking why they aren’t getting better mileage. People are the energy that drives the company. When companies help people develop as whole people, they then develop their full potential—including at work.” Source

    At Advice Hub we specialise in helping businesses in the Gold Coast and Brisbane to re-ignite passion and drive in their employees and reconnect how they and their team can use the money they earn to achieving the life of their dreams.

    We achieve this by delivering transformational coaching sessions and real value money master classes at your workplace or our Gold Coast headquarters.

    The sessions are designed to provide your team with valuable insight into wealth and mindset improvement strategies and refill their tank so they can achieve full potential.

    By offering Money Master Classes your employees will appreciate that their workplace wants to see them grow and achieve great things for their future. It also encourages employees to think about their:

    • Their future finances
    • Plan for success
    • Get expert education
    • And in striving for these things it naturally drives employees to be committed to growing your business.

    A money education Workshop is personal growth for both employees and employer both benefit through personal growth.

    We don’t sell any financial products in the sessions, the purpose of the sessions are to make sure your team are better educated and motivated.

    If you are in a business who values staff motivation and have a team who would love to learn more about:

    • Tax Planning
    • Getting the basics right with their money
    • Success Mindset – creating ultimate outcomes that will drive you to take massive action (this goes beyond goal setting)
    • Living The Dream – education on how to achieve retirement and protect your money
    • Investing Master Class
    • One on one financial kickstart coaching session

    We would love to hear from you.  Contact us to see how we can help and get the programs started at your workplace.