Everyone wants to be financially independent; I mean, who doesn’t? Unfortunately for most people, this goal seems to be unreachable.

It’s all in the lifestyle. Faux, if you must say. Well nowadays, most people are fixated on spending so much just to project a life of affluence and be a source of envy by others. You can see a few of your friends constantly getting their coffee fix in expensive cafes even if their income is just enough to get by. There are also some who book costly trips in exotic places anywhere around the globe just so you and their other peers can affirm that they are trendsetters in the world of travel.

But after all the superficial show, what is left of them really?

Stripped of cash. Penniless. Anxious about where to get money for their next display of fortune. Trust me, this is the type of people you don’t want to emulate.

What it means to be truly financially independent

Being financially independent takes having the correct structure and focus with your money. This means having a structure that focuses on you building multiple assets that appreciate and pay you a passive income, protecting your money and making sure you don’t let it slip through your fingers through poor decision making or too much income or capital gains tax.

Remember, everybody can have money but it only takes a dauntless few to keep it and make
it grow. Not everyone has the right relationship with money and system to set their cash aside to prepare for the future and still enjoy life today. After all, it’s easy to dispose of our income to buy the latest model of shoes or to eat at the trendiest restaurant of the season.

But you need to understand that all of these are fleeting. As early as possible, you need to shape up and focus on your long-term financial goals if you don’t want to end up a hobo. Now how do you do that?

Get your financial house in order!

Never put your hard-earned money to waste. If you have sufficient savings, do not attempt to invest it into something that you’re not quite knowledgeable about… well unless you’re a total daredevil! Truth be told, I don’t propose that you take a deep dive in that aspect especially if you lack the discipline, time, and expertise in the complexities of money handling.

Instead, I highly recommend that you hire a financial advisor and wealth coach who can help you intelligently lay out your wealth management plans. With one, you will have a clear picture of your:

  • Dig deep with you so you can get your relationship with money right and you are crystal clear on the results you can achieve and must be achieving
  • Help you understand your current financial situation;
  • Overall net worth;
  • The investment options available to you; and
  • The strategies to maximize your financial wellness.

But is a financial advisor in Gold Coast expensive?

Okay, I understand that one of your worries is spending some amount to get professional help in managing your finances. You’re not alone; I’ve met a lot of individuals who want to hire a financial planner but are taken aback by the possible cost involved.

Here’s where it gets real. There will come a time when you’ll realise that hiring a financial advisor is an essential investment for your future. Once your portfolio has started to grow and your circumstances have become more complex—be it because of inheritance, retirement benefits, stock dividends, or what-have-you—you have to recognise the need to get professional financial advisor who can manage your investments for you. Let me emphasise this: you cannot afford to put your hard-earned money to waste. It is best to have an expert deal with the most complicated fiscal ventures you have.

With a financial advisor, you can further expand your portfolio with the continuous wealth that you are reaping. It’s basically your money being maximised to further propel you to the financial wellness you’ve always dreamt of.

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Content is general in nature and not personal advice, you should seek professional advice before implementing any changes to your financial situation, we offer an initial complementary meeting to discuss your situation and outcomes you are after. Click here to learn more.