Everyone in the financial industry recommends you to make a budget or to have goals to save money, but does this really work? You tell us!

What happens when you finally get to secure some savings? Be honest, you know you end up spending it all. What about having a goal to pay off debts? That’s right, you pay them to go out and buy another car using a car loan or another TV or chic area rug with your credit card.

Ask yourself what wealth-building results does this give you, because if your answer is “Nil,” you need to make changes starting today!

So, what are some of the basics that you should you focus on for your finances?



You need to move beyond the struggle mindset of living pay to pay check, struggling to pay debts off or save money. Your mindset should be focused on the actions it will take for you to be financially free, rather than the difficulty of achieving those actions.

Putting financial independence as the number one for our clients, we call this putting your Financial Freedom Account first and making sure you have a rewards account so you don’t burn out or blow it by using what you have set aside, like you have done in the past.

Your end result should be to build assets and minimise tax and money wastage along the way.



Rather than budget and set fixed amounts for your expenses, have a cash flow management plan so you don’t end up justifying what you spent each month, while drinking one too many glasses of wine.

In budgeting, you see the expenses that you project versus what you have actually spent, but in cash flow management you are able to see the movement of your money and you will be able to immediately identify where your expenditures are at their highest, and where you can minimise these.

Start putting together your Financial Freedom Account by contacting the Advice Hub team, and we’ll get the ball rolling for you towards your personal financial independence.

Content is general in nature and not personal advice, you should seek professional advice before implementing any changes to your financial situation, we offer an initial complementary meeting to discuss your situation and outcomes you are after. Click here to learn more.