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We are passionate about one thing, seeing you succeed!

Advice Hub started out of a desire to maximise our client’s potential and help them achieve. We realised the traditional financial planning model alone was not enough to achieve the level of breakthrough we wanted.

Our vision is to create a point of difference in providing advice which really benefits clients and is focused on their outcomes and how they can best get there

Out of this drive to be the best for our client’s sparked the birth of Advice Hub Wealth Experts. We go beyond financial planning, because when you have been doing things as long as we have you know what works and what doesn’t. It’s one of the reasons why we don’t get clients to control expenses through budgeting and why we have introduced Wealth Coaching.

Our focus is not us or any financial products, it’s about you and helping you to be in a much better financial position.

meet your wealth experts

javier-financial- planners-brisbaneJavier Fonseca

Senior Wealth Expert & Coach at Advice Hub.

Head of Advice Hub.

Our Advice Hub Founder and Senior Wealth Expert Javier Fonseca has been providing expert financial planning advice for over nine years. He specialises in providing advice to clients who value the benefit of experience and receiving advice that truly puts them in a better financial position.

He holds specialist qualifications in Self-Managed Super Fund, Estate Planning and has a Bachelor of International Business, an Advanced Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning) and a Certificate IV in Finance.

He is a very proud father of 3 gorgeous kids and is married to the woman of his dreams.

“Our focus is on you and helping you achieve your important outcomes. Our regular contact, meetings with members and group coaching/education sessions means we give our tribe members the tools and advice to Kick Some Goals and if they fall short how to get back on track”.

Javier operates both our Brisbane and Gold Coast Divisions. If you want to get in contact with Javier call 0457 229 377.




So how do we help you make smarter money decisions?

  1. We first dive deep to help you create a compelling vision of your life. In other words, we help you have crystal clear clarity on what you are aiming for –                           Financial Musts – not a list of should’s –
    • We then break these down into a 90-day results driven action.  Why 90 days it’s easier for you to want to make progress to something in the next 90 days than a goal in the distant future like 15-20years.
    • Your implementation plan will then make sure you get the basics right like expense control, debt consolidation, to higher level strategies like tax planning and maximising investment returns.
  2.  We deliver all our ongoing members with a personal Wealth Dashboard –
    • Why – the more you track the more you will want to improve.  Its why top businesses have KPIs.
    • This dashboard will track your important indicators and results you must be achieving.
    • Track your investment properties, shares, investment supers and your loans all on one dashboard.  You also have access to it on your phone.
    • Are you living week to week with no residual income?  Well we won’t be focusing on budgeting it doesn’t achieve the results we want.  We will teach you how to get out of debt and build financial freedom and have a dash board that tracks all your expenses so you can focus on getting the results you need not on updating excel budgeting spreadsheets or counting coffee receipts.
  1. Hold You Accountable and Breakthrough-
    • Regular personal coaching and expert advice
    • Regular personal meetings
    • Group Coaching Sessions and Money Master Classes

When you first see us, you will see that we truly have a passion for being genuine and only taking you on as client if we are going to put you in a much better financial position.  It’s the heart and soul of our business and its why our clients become lifelong raving fans!